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What is Real Estate Tokenization?

Real Estate Tokenization is the process of creating digital tokens that are representative of ownership of a property. Now anyone can be a landlord.
OBI has a provisional patent on decentralized real estate tokenization.

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Usage of Sale Proceeds

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Hedge against the Market
Refinancing through the Community:

When you refinance with the bank what are some issues? Speed of transaction, cost, time consuming etc.

OBI Tokenization platform allows you to tokenize your property or part of your property to get that value of tokens quickly, securely, with minimal costs and without the bank. The people that buy these tokens then can sell them when they would like.

There are many aspects to this so stay tuned on @obicoin and check the website frequently  

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Raise Capital Quickly:

If a project needs to raise $20M, then the project can be put on OBI platform, reviewed by our internal team, tokenize the project. For example, $20M into 100k tokens, then each token would be $200 dollars each. Then the project will be on the OBI platform for a limitless audience to see, review, inquire and opportunity to participate. The project can raise the 20M quickly, the project owners can retain majority share, the project can start quickly and the value of the project grows.

OBI executives were part of the first tokenization project in 2017. Since then, tokenization of real estate has been investigated, analyzed, and consulted with reputable law firms. OBI has added top blockchain, security and machine learning experts to the OBI team that have come together to build the OBI Tokenization platform. OBI Blockchain is used for the OBI Tokenization platform, same as for the OBI App, to optimize fees and transaction speeds.

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Why has it been such a taboo concept?

There are a hand full of companies out there that are throwing this concept around. Most have tried to do what they claim and can not. Many are outside of the united states and are trickey. OBI is in USA and plans to be the forerunner in this transition to a decentralize real estate society.

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Is OBI any different?

OBI has a wide array of consultants that have fine tuned the way “tokenization” occurs, especially in the united states. We have built the process and platform that allows for such concept to be upheld and be functional.
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What is OBI Tokenization Platform?

Anyone can become a landlord

OBI Tokenization platform is the 1st to market decentralized real estate platform. Now anyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, can become an owner of a property through owning a token of a property which has been tokenized by dividing the physical asset into digital tokens. These digital tokens are called “OBanks”. When a property is tokenized, OBanks are created in order to sell fractional ownership of that property. OBanks owners can exchange their Obanks on the OBI tokenization platform.

Tokenization of assets creates many opportunities in the real estate sector. Now, anyone can become a landlord of a property. This is unprecedented.

Anyone can tokenize their property

Anyone can now tokenize the equity that they own of a property. OBI strives to bring more opportunities to the real estate sector by providing a decentralized real estate platform that allows fractional ownership, instantaneous liquidity , and an exchange to buy and trade real estate assets. Therefore, providing the first opportunity for property owners to hedge against any market condition.

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When will the OBI Tokenization platform be available?

Currently the platform is being further developed. The launch date is not set, but is estimated to launch in the 2nd quarter of 2024.
There will be constant communication via our social media outlets. If you have any questions, then please email us and one of our team members will reach out to you.
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