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OBI allows anyone to be able
to profit from buying and selling homes by bridging the gap between real estate and Web3 Technology

OBI allows anyone to be able
to profit from buying and selling homes by bridging the gap between real estate and Web3 Technology

Earn up to 18% of reward

Our Departments

What is OBI?

OBI is a next generation, decentralized real estate platform built on the OBI blockchain powered by peer to peer transactions. The decentralized real estate platform allows anyone to invest in real estate. The OBI blockchain is the 1st end to end infrastructure real estate platform that provides trust and transparency with financial and economical solutions.
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Decentralized Real Estate Application

OBI is the 1st peer-to-peer decentralized real estate platform that enables every party in a real estate transaction to get involved without the traditional hindrances of capital, time, or experience. Smart contracts, machine learning and blockchain technology optimize every transaction.


Decentralized real estate application

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Decentralized Tokenization Platform

The OBI platform allows any property owner to tokenize their asset in order to refinance their properties, hedging against any market condition. The token of every asset is then freely traded on the OBI Exchange. The tokenization platform uses our stable token called “OBank”.

Tokenization Platform

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Token Allocations

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Token Details

1 trillion pre-minted tokens

Coin Name


Coin Type


Coin Standard


Total Coin Supply

1 Trillion

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Usage of Sale Proceeds

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Staking Periods

Price Staking Duration
0.015 USD 18% 6 MONTHS
0.015 USD 10% 3 MONTHS
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Hold the future of real estate in your hands

OBI App is currently fully developed and accepted by the Apple Store. It is not public until fully scaled out. Below are actual screenshots of the app.

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Hold the future of real estate
in your hands

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Ease of Use

OBI has been constructed as a turnkey solution where anyone can start or continue the journey in real estate investment. Our infrastructure was intentionally designed by real estate professionals from every segment of our industry to provide a fluid and streamlined process.

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Ease to Communicate

Our comprehensive ecosystem will help you stay connected to every stage of a transaction. Our app will be the bridge that connects all parties in a easy-to-use, streamlines platform.

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Safe and Secure

Our app includes industry standard security network protocols which provide protection and peace of mind.

OBI App - Google Play

Currently being built out

OBI App - AppStore
Accepted by AppStore
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This timeline details our funding and development goals.


Concept Generation

Team Assemble



Strategic Plan

White paper completion


Platform design and technical demonstration

Building the MVP


Platform Implementation

Infrastructure Implementation


Alpha Test


App Beta Test

Blockchain Enhancements

NFT Marketplace Testing Complete

OBI Exchange Development



Open global sales of OBI token

Smart contracts support owners, buyers, investors

AI Support Tech

Mobile Smart Wallet (Core features)

Q3 Q4.2021

OBI Coin available to public

NFT Marketplace Enhancements

OBI Exchange Enhancements


OBI Title Company Integration

Launch in Various other States

NFT Marketplace goes live


Blockchain/Network Upgrades

PoS Network Upgrades


OBI Platform National Launch

National Logistics Integration

Launch OBI Platform nationally


OBI Platform International Launch

Integrate international blockchain features

Launch international real estate functions

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Frequently Asked

For any questions, feel free to use the contact form below, DM on any social platform or Text/Call.

  1. Click “Buy OBI Coins” at the top of the website.
  2. Easily click how much you want to buy
  3. Choose if buying with credit card or cryptocurrency.
  4. Input your information.
  5. Your profile and digital wallet will automatically be made for you.
  6. Go to “Dashboard” to see your wallet and to easily see your staking rewards

The OBI App is accepted by apple store. It will be available for the public to use once it is scaled.

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