Worlds first all in one decentralized real estate platform built on the Obi blockchain for the purpose of creating a sovereign real estate community where everyone can greatly benefit. The OBI platform includes:

Social Media
Real Estate NFT Marketplace
Blockchain Notary
Title Registery on OBI Blockchain
Tokenization Platform

OBI app is an outstandingly comprehensive system that will completely change how real estate operates.


OBI Problem & Solution

The OBI Real Estate team has developed a blockchain infrastructure to tackle every problem within the global real estate market.

Universal Problems

Huge disconnect in Real Estate
  • Not streamlined
  • Disengaged
  • No single platform for all parties to benefit from
  • Other real estate platforms have high fees for the users and do not provide substantial guidance
  • High point of entry into real estate - Need capital and experience
  • No valid platform vetting contractors
  • No sustainable mentorship

Universal Solutions

Blockchain Network
  • OBI platform streamlines the entire process cycle - 360 degrees
  • Anyone can join. No experience needed
  • OBI catalyzes the entire process with no fees and helps the user step-by-step
  • OBI provides infrastructure and guidance
  • Contractors have their own ranking and profiles where they can showcase their portfolio

Owner Problems

High fees when selling your house
  • Hard to know what to do if not knowledgeable
  • Regular traditional cash buying companies takeadvantage of the owner and are not profitableand they typically have a cap on purchase price
  • Not realistic with offers
  • They are not successful in general
  • Tied down to 1 agent

Owner Solutions

One stop platform to get your home soldthrough many avenues vs just 1
  • Free of commission fees
  • Trusted and transparent platform that provides true value
  • Quick pay out
  • Owner can see the buyer’s credentials and rating with ease
  • All documents, contracts and updates securely stored and accessible the OBI blockchain

Investor Problems

Investors face the problem of selling costs and high fees, thus reducing their ROI
  • Trusting an agent or wholesaler
  • Usually 1-2 agents working to get them properties
  • No time to search and vet out deals
  • Finding the right general contractors

Investor Solutions

With OBI, Investors are sent unlimited deals fromunlimited agents with no exclusivity requirements
  • OBI serves as a free tool for investors: track their deals, optimize their ROI, solidify profitable OBI relationships, etc
  • All in one platform where you can utilize vetted professionals in the field, from agents to contractors
  • Create investor’s brand for robust growth
  • Investor becomes an Owner in The OBI Cycle and benefits from OBI Owner solutions

OBI Agents Problems

High Entry into Real Estate
  • No Real Estate focused social media platforms to utilize
  • Other social media platforms are saturated and impersonal
  • Hard time finding deals
  • Extremely hard to penetrate the market and build your brand and career
  • Many agents do not have the right resources
  • Resources cost money
  • Agent tools to close deals, all on OBI, quick contracts, quick closing

OBI Agents Solutions

With OBI each agent can use the app and complete everything A to Z
  • Easily track process, increase efficiency and track performance
  • Updated data is readily available at no cost
  • Free vetted professionals every step in a real estate deal
  • AI assistance throughout the whole process

Read Our Documents

Visit the various OBI documents to help understand how OBI is changing the real estate world.

Our Technology Services

The OBI Platform is ddeveloped utilizing the latest breaking-edge technologies.

Easy to Buy & Sale Token

You can buy and sell the OBI coin utility token right from your smartphone.

Safe & Secure

Our blockchain technology ensures that every document, message, and smart contract is secured using the latest cryptographic technologies that keep all the data safe and secure.

Responsive Design

Our responsive design makes it simple to use the OBI platform anywhere from any desktop or mobile device.

Easy to Communicate

The OBI network makes it easy to connect and communicate with everyone throughout the real estate transaction.


OBI team working hard to scale the already built out systems. 

Below is our roadmap for the future of OBI.

2020 Q1
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
2020 Q2
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
  • White paper completion
2020 Q3
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Building the MVP
2020 Q4
  • Platform Implementation
  • Infrastructure Implementation
2021 Q1/Q2
Alpha Test
  • In-house testing of functional components
2021 Q2
App Beta Test
  • Private closed beta
  • Blockchain Enhancements
  • NFT Marketplace Testing Complete
  • OBI Exchange Development
2021 Q3
  • Open global sales of OBI token
  • Smart contracts support owners,buyers,investors
  • AI Support Tech
  • Mobile Smart Wallet (Core features)
2021 Q3/Q4
OBI Improvements
  • OBI Coin available to public
  • NFT Marketplace Enhancements
  • OBI Exchange Enhancements
2022 Q1
OBI Title Company
  • Title Company Integration
  • Launch in Various other States
  • NFT Marketplace goes live
2022 Q2
Blockchain/Network Upgrades
  • PoS Network Upgrades
  • Blockchain Network Upgrades
OBI Platform National Launch
  • National Logistics Integration
  • Launch OBI Platform nationally
OBI Platform International Launch
  • Integrate international blockchain features
  • Launch international real estate functions

Executive team

The OBI Team combines a passion for real estate, industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Amir Yazdani
Farzad Marzban


Clinical Informatician
Frontend developer
Frontend developer
Frontend developer
Backend developer
Software architect
Lead Blockchain - NASA


Quality department
Quality department
Marketing coordinator


Professor of digital design
Graphic and UI designer


Marketing strategist
Digital designer
Creative Copywriter

Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided some answers to the most frequently asked questions around OBI Real Estate and the OBI Coin utility token. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

OBI Platform - is a unique all-in-one real estate platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use, and completely disrupting the way the real estate industry works.

Our easy to use mobile application makes it simple to create an account in several minutes to get access to real estate around the world. The OBI platform is open to any real estate buyer, seller, or investor along with those involved with any type of property services.

OBI coin utility tokens are available through purchase on the website. Create an OBI coin wallet today and purchase OBI coin utility tokens using USD.

OBI Coin utility tokens are intended to help secure the OBI blockchain in which the OBI platform is built upon. The OBI Coin Utility Token provides token holders with the ability to help secure the OBI platform by staking their utility tokens. As more and more users adopt the OBI coin utility token, it will provide holders with a more valuable digital asset.

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