What is OBI App?

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OBI App brings all parties of a real estate transaction onto one synergistic multi-user platform. On this platform every aspect of the transaction is built into our machine learning software so that anyone can pick up their phone, download the OBI app and sell their property, buy properties, or become an OBI Operator to make money in real estate.

OBI has a provisional patient on this home buying and selling process.

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What is an OBI Operator?

OBI Operator is the middle operator between an owner selling their property and someone buying that property. In a traditional model the OBI Operator would be in the position of the real estate operator. OBI’s team has been involved in many different transactions in real estate. OBI uses dynamic algorithms that are interwoven into the entire process so the OBI Operator, no matter of experience, can use the app and immediately buy and sell properties without the typical barriers of entry of real estate.

OBI Operator perks:

  • No sign up fees
  • No contract obligations
  • No traditional broker fees
  • Work from anywhere on the app
  • No fees for using the app
  • No need for real estate license
  • Virtually every real estate data point in their hands
  • App takes the OBI Operator step by step to ensure optimization of processes to result transactions made and money for the OBI Operator
  • Limitless properties in their hands
  • Limitless real estate investors to on their deals
  • Use of smart contracts to make transactions automated, fast and secure
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Who is behind OBI App?

Experienced Real Estate Developers that have been involved in virtually every aspect of real estate, from multifamily developments to having large teams of operators to rentals to going door to door to bring a deal to fruition. Users of OBI benefit from years of experience and proven procedures that are all interwoven into OBI technology.

Talented Software Engineers that include full deck developers, machine learning developers from top universities and companies in America, and blockchain developers, cryptographic developers. Developers’ experiences include NASA cyber securities, micro and macro informatics, machine learning, robotics, etc.

Strong Legal Team, including security lawyers, that ensures OBI stays ahead of legal issues that may be involved.

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Who is the OBI App for?

Owners / Sellers : can upload their home to be sold for free, unlimited users seeing and having ability to buy their home all on the app, receive 1k USD when their property is sold.

OBI Operators : The app is heavily used by the OBI Operator. Traditionally, this middle entity is the real estate operator. The app serves as the platform for the OBI Operators to use for every step of the real estate transaction, including access to limitless data, hot deals, means to contact and chat with owners and buyers, complete all necessary paperwork, execute contracts, utilize OBI developed algorithms, etc. All for free. OBI takes a small service fee at the end of closing deals.

Investors : who gets unlimited deals from the OBI Operators and other perks on the app. Investor can quickly review deals, due their diligence and close deals with confidence and transparency that the OBI App was set to provide. Currently the deal is closed with Title company.

Contractors : have their own profiles, reviews, area to showcase their work, and ability to contact and hire subcontractors directly on OBI App.

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When will the OBI App be available?

Currently the app is completed and fully funded by the founders and being used internally by OBI.

OBI App has been in development since 2018 and currently being scaled for national launch. 150,00+ data points are uploaded onto the app per day. All this data will be available on the OBI App to use to close real world deals.

For illustrative purposes, OBI app is like Zillow plus Uber. Uber provides a platform for people to provide transportation as a service to other people. Zillow provides data. OBI App has every data point in the nation as baseline then further extensive applicable data that works with machine learning on a platform that connects each party of real estate transactions all on one integrated platform, ran on Web3, on the Ethereum network to facilitate real estate transactions 360 degrees, all while each party benefiting by bringing the power to be involved in real estate directly into anyone’s hands.

OBI App will be available for the public to download and use, projected, 4th quarter 2023.

Unlike 99% of cryptocurrencies, OBI has a working product, the OBI App is already built out and it can be used in real life by everyday people. Obi has a strong team including very talented developers, graphic artists, legal counsel, etc.

The OBI App itself directly generates revenues. Proforma can be requested.

There will be constant communication via our social media outlets. If you have any questions, then please email us and one of our team members will reach out to you.

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