OBI Coin


current OBI Coin presale price

  • No mimimum to buy.
  • Minimum $1,000 USD of OBI coins to be elegible for OBI Coin staking rewards. See below.
  • OBI Coin is scheduled to be on exchange(s) Q1 2024. OBI Coin holders will be dynamically updated.


Your OBI Coins will be safeguarded securely and transparently on the OBI Blockchain until the Crowdsale comes to a close. After this, you’ll have the choice to unlock your OBI Coins and transfer your OBI Coins to another exchange.

To ensure utmost satisfaction for our valued users, we’ll be providing regular updates throughout the process. Should you have any queries or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us via or 214-706-3658.
Starting from October 23, 2021, until March 23, 2022, you’ll enjoy a generous staking rate of 18%. After March 23, 2022, the staking rate will transition to 10% until February 2024 or sooner based on market. Once this period concludes, OBI Coin holders can unlock their tokens for seamless transfers to a variety of exchanges.

To be eligible for OBI Coin staking rewards, a minimum amount of $1,000 worth of OBI coins must be held.